Saturday, June 30, 2012

Great Trip (The Beach)

The name of this beach is Parang Tritis 
Beautiful beach, beautiful sun, beautiful sands, beautiful people

Great Trip (Candi Borobudur)

May, I had an amazing trip! Me, my mom, and some of my bests went to Candi Borobudur which placed in Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia. 

This is the ticket! The price also cheap ;) only Rp.12.500

This is me! I wear/ I called it:
a Neon (Pink) veil 
a Grey Tied Cardigan 
a Blue Circus Jumpsuit 
a Fur Indiana Bag
a Nixon Watch
Note: I prefer to make my own words to describe my stuffs :P 

Maybe you're wondering, why i used batik in this picture. The committee there, asked all the tourists to wear the batik, Why? Because it's an act to keep our culture safely! I Love Batik! 'Cause it's so fashionable!

Here's my besties, Evadya Khairunnisa/Ica (Left) and Ayu Lukitasari (Middle) 

Me with Mama 

SHOPPING!!! You can buy a lot of stuffs there! Unique, Elegant, Vintage and etc! I warn you because BATIK IS EVERYWHERE!!! 

This is my ugliest face when i got confuse while shopping! Gosh, everything's ROCK!

This one is 'Blankon' am in love with it

My pose around the Candi (i've making mistakes in editing picture)

Am Back! After Long Time..

I was so busy of the papers, oh my god they've killing me this far! And after the papers passed, i was a little bit confused of which class would I major in 11th class, but Alhamdulillah i will be in SOCIAL SCIENCE class next semester, Pray for me! because i really enjoy this one, i like social science, i like reading the materials than counting lesson like physics, chemistry or etc. Even i know in the social science there are some counting lessons also, such as Accounting and Economy but i know it's easier than physics, LOL 

Alright, this is the long holidaaaaaay! And the bad news is: "Aliza Spending Her Long Holiday at Home" so i decided to write down my story here or upload some photos. I know, my blog is too lonely, no one reads, no one interests to follow (except i ask them to follow) but thanks for my followers! ALLAH bless you all :) BarakALLAH <3