Thursday, December 15, 2011

Eid Mubarak and Shocked Falimies

Big Family Big Fun! 

Here is my family, My dad (Back - Left), My mom (Back - Right), My sister (Left side), My brother (Middle), and me :D

*Here are the girls

So, how bout you eid? ;)

Purple Veil on Mood

Polka is Popular

Duel in Course Class ;)

In this video, me and my teacher were sang Lenka's song 'Knock Knock!' 

* My Godness, i was still in Junior High School, now i miss it so bad! Miss ya Vania, Olivia, Putri, Sasha, and Mr. Galuh too! Am sorry if my voice heard bad ;)
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My Room Action!

Last, i've showed you how my room is, now i will show you more and lil' different because AM ON IT! ;)

* I love my momma's cardigan! I always wear it wheneva i want it

*Lipstick Action

As Usual, Leave some comments ;)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Your room, You are! Show up!

*I wrote down all of my moods on my wall or lyrics which inspired me

* I LOVE SHAUN THE SHEEEP! So I drew it and my name on it ;) 

* Never let my wall look empty

*You can see some photos on it, my besties ;)

*Aki, he's my lil' cat ;)

* Light when black out in my room

So pals, i hope it's can inspire y'all! Leave comments and some criticize! :D

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Farewell Party and Memories

(June 1st, 2011) Junior High School Farewell Party 2010/2011

* The Decoration Committees
This pict was edited by Gita Rahayu (Right Side). Me and Gita worked together as the decoration committees and Sasha Elitszar Latfiya (Left Side) was helped us. You know pals? It's the best farewell party i've ever seen! and i miss y'all! 

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Designing the Blog Tittle

Honestly, this is my new blog and I've made so many blogs but i totally forgot the password :P And this is how i designed the Blog Tittle 'Just Like a Great Lily'. It's super simple, because i love simple. I chose peach color, you know it looks creamy, just love it. Check this out!

*At the beginning i chose an italic font with white background

*I changed the font color, it's became brown with a little bit blur. 

*I dislike this one, it looks not simple :P 

* It looks antique and old and i like it!

*And finally i chose this simple one, with purple color and white background

So pals, which one do you like? ;) Leave comments! 

Everything Is For the Competition

Gadis Magazine, how i love this one! And i've joined some competition there, especially photo competition. But, always failed, LMAO :D
I'm wearing a big holiday bag in that pict with black denim and green converse shoes. It's not bad i think!

Closing my eyes! My momma doesn't like this pict, i dont know why. But she said, "Don't closed your eyes! It looks bad" and what about your opinion?

My sister helped me, thanks for be my photographer :D I miss you my big sista!

I love the wall, it just looks old! Ok guys, leave comments ;)