Saturday, June 30, 2012

Am Back! After Long Time..

I was so busy of the papers, oh my god they've killing me this far! And after the papers passed, i was a little bit confused of which class would I major in 11th class, but Alhamdulillah i will be in SOCIAL SCIENCE class next semester, Pray for me! because i really enjoy this one, i like social science, i like reading the materials than counting lesson like physics, chemistry or etc. Even i know in the social science there are some counting lessons also, such as Accounting and Economy but i know it's easier than physics, LOL 

Alright, this is the long holidaaaaaay! And the bad news is: "Aliza Spending Her Long Holiday at Home" so i decided to write down my story here or upload some photos. I know, my blog is too lonely, no one reads, no one interests to follow (except i ask them to follow) but thanks for my followers! ALLAH bless you all :) BarakALLAH <3

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